Senior Services

Senior Services

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging at any age, and for adults 50 and over, one of the best ways to combat the symptoms of “old age” is to be educated about ways to stay healthy.

Senior Services


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Join SeniorAdvantage - Individuals can join for two-years for the low membership fee of $15. Couples can join for $25.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center is proud to offer a program dedicated to making the lives of those 50 and older healthier and happier.

SeniorAdvantage is a hospital-based program that provides special healthcare services, free or discounted health screenings, educational seminars designed specifically for older adults, and a variety of social events, activities, and exercise programs. In addition, SeniorAdvantage provides volunteer opportunities, member discounts in the hospital cafeteria, and special benefits when hospitalized at Davis Hospital and Medical Center.

Benefits of SeniorAdvantage

With a wide variety of activities to choose from, free and discounted services to enhance your health, a VIP program when you are hospitalized, and an opportunity to meet new friends, members get the real advantage and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Health Screenings and Services: From blood pressure checks to diabetic foot screenings, Davis Hospital periodically provides free and discounted health services for SeniorAdvantage members.
  • Educational Seminars: Each month, SeniorAdvantage members are invited to at least one seminar covering a wide variety of healthy aging and healthy living topics.
  • Support Groups: Support groups are currently forming. If you are interested in a specific topic, please let us know by calling Elaine Williams at 801-807-7081 with your ideas!
  • Hospital Service Input: Members are invited to join our Patient and Family Advisor groups to provide valuable input, suggestions and possible solutions on improving our patient’s experience.
  • Social Gatherings: Members enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other at holiday parties, social gatherings, and activities.
  • Cafeteria Discount: SeniorAdvantage members enjoy 10% off in the Davis Hospital dining room.
  • Physician Directory: Our online physician directory helps members locate primary care physicians and specialists in virtually every area of healthcare.

Joining is easy and affordable. Individuals can join for two years for the low membership fee of $15. Couples can join for $25.


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Senior Memory Loss - Signs & Prevention
Your loved one has been forgetting things lately – an appointment, where he or she placed their keys, or even a friend’s name. Are these memory lapses a sign of normal aging? September is recognized as World Alzheimer’s Month. Some 4.5 million Americans suffer from the disease, which affects parts of the brain that control memory and language; however, occasional forgetfulness doesn’t always mean someone has Alzheimer’s. If it happens regularly though, it could be cause for concern.