April 10, 2020

Davis Hospital’s First COVID-19 Patient Fully Recovers

Hospital’s first positive COVID-19 patient released and completes recovery at home

[For safety and privacy purposes, the patient and hospital caregivers’ names are not provided and are referred to as they, patient, and provider.]

LAYTON, UT — Davis Hospital’s first COVID-19 positive patient has fully recovered at home after four days of hospitalized care and two weeks of isolation followed by self-quarantine. On Monday, the patient visited their physician and received a clean bill of health from COVID-19.

 “I feel about 75% recovered. I’m still suffering from the effects of pneumonia but I am getting better every day,” states the patient. “Self-quarantine is challenging but necessary to protect others.”  The patient was confined to just one bedroom while their partner, who has no sign of the disease, had more freedom to roam the house. “It’s been a slow recovery process, but I’m getting there. I’m looking forward to putting this all behind and getting use to a new normal.”

After two weeks of treating a respiratory illness, the patient said their symptoms worsened, prompting the need for medical attention at the hospital. Upon arrival, the patient was treated for the initial respiratory condition which escalated to pneumonia and required hospitalization. 

“The patient’s symptoms consisted of shortness of breath, cough, extreme fatigue but no fever. After consulting with the patient, discussing the symptoms and reviewing their travel history, it was determined they met the criteria outlined by the CDC for COVID-19 testing,” reports the hospital provider. “We placed the patient in a negative pressure isolation room while waiting for test results and treated the patient’s pneumonia with antibiotics, IV fluids and comfort measures.”

After the test results came back positive, the hospital continued caring for the patient for four days and spent time preparing them for going home. “The nurses were so good at teaching me what to do and how to care for myself at home. I really appreciated the detailed education. It gave me confidence that I would recover and get through this,” stated the patient.

When asked about the experience of having COVID-19, the patient says, “The biggest takeaway is to make sure to follow your doctor’s advice and the CDC guidelines. It is so important to keep everyone else safe. I travel a lot and was very diligent about using appropriate precautions and I still got it.” The hospital provider said they probably won’t know exactly how or where they contracted the virus. “This will change me forever. I think it’s going to take a long time for me to get comfortable again with going out in public, traveling or gathering with a large group of friends. I have learned from this and am very thankful for the outpouring of support from my employer, friends and the hospital staff who cared for me.”

The Davis Hospital nurse practitioner who treated the patient wants people to know that, “We (health care providers) treat sick and contagious patients every day. I’m not afraid to care for my patients, but I am very careful. I use proven precautions and keep up on reliable information. Knowledge gives me comfort and confidence in treating people. It’s reassuring to see how proper treatment of the virus leads to a livable outcome.”

The patient hopes by telling their story people will be reminded to stay safe. “This has been the illness of a lifetime and is still difficult to talk about, but I want to share my story. I want to emphasize the importance of staying in and staying safe. Please comply with all precautions so you don’t give the illness to anyone else who may not be able to recover.”