Davis Hospital Education Department – New 2016 Class Listing

Davis Hospital and Medical Center is proud to offer an assortment of classes to patients and community members. Classes are taught at both our Main Campus and Weber Campus locations. You can also contact our Education Department at 801-807-7093.

Aqua Mom’s
Aqua Fitness enables you to exercise throughout your pregnancy because there is little risk of injury. Exercising in water offers many benefits for a mother-to-be, both physiologically and psychologically. Water provides a safe and relaxing atmosphere that women can use to work with, as their bodies change and grow. Exercising in the water not only promotes strength, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory conditioning, but it offers comfort and relaxation. Immersed in water, you seem to defy gravity!

Baby Basics
Designed for both first time couples as well as experienced ones. This class increases a couple’s confidence and commitment to caring for their baby. In this class, a physician reviews basic growth and development of a newborn, safety tips, basic care of the newborn during the first few weeks at home, how to recognize when your baby is ill and warning signs of when to call the doctor.

Babysitting Certification Class
This 5-week course includes information on growth and development, age appropriate activities, fire and personal safety, CPR, and first aid. Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

Balance After Baby
This support group helps to navigate the challenges new mothers face after birth. We will address topics such as postpartum depression and the reality of raising a family. This will be in a group setting and conducted by a clinical mediator from Davis Behavioral Health.

Childbirth Preparation: Breast-feeding
Designed for both, a first time and experienced mother, this class increases a woman’s confidence and commitment to breast-feeding. Our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant will provide information about prenatal preparation, positioning and latch-on, and the prevention of nipple trauma and ways to prevent breast engorgement.

Childbirth Preparation: CPC-4 Week Class
This class is offered as a 4-week course. Expectant parents are encouraged to take this during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Course discussion includes the process of labor and delivery, the coach’s role, breathing and relaxation techniques, pain management options and Cesarean childbirth. This course also includes newborn characteristics, newborn care, infant CPR and the post-partum (after delivery) period. A tour of the Women’s Center and basic newborn care procedures will be demonstrated as part of the course.

Childbirth Preparation: CPC-Saturday Class
This one-day course is for expectant parents during their sixth or seventh month of
pregnancy. It includes the same content as our 4-Week class but in a one day format. It
also includes a tour of the Women’s Center and the basic newborn care procedures will be demonstrated.

Childbirth Preparation: Online Childbirth Class
This class is for expectant couples who prefer online learning to a traditional classroom setting. Our self-paced, user friendly program incorporates short video clips, personal stories, 3-D animations, activities, and games to help you prepare for the arrival of your new baby. A sample of this great program can be viewed on our website. At the end of the course parents will have the opportunity to schedule a guided tour and an in-person consultation.

Childbirth Preparation: Sibling Class
This is a fun one-hour class for children ages 3 and up, designed to help them prepare for the arrival of a new brother or sister. Simple care tasks are taught including holding a new baby, diapering skills, swaddling in a blanket and helping mom and dad.

CPR: First Aid/CPR
This American Heart Association Heartsaver Course covers basic First Aid for medical, injury, and environmental emergencies, as well as adult, child and infant CPR. The course is designed for the general public including scouts, lifeguards, workplace providers, foster care providers and meets the state daycare requirements. Participants who successfully complete this course and pass the written exam will receive a card with 2 year expiration.

CPR: Healthcare Provider
This American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR course covers infant, child, and adult CPR, choking, and AED use for one and two-rescuers in the pre-hospital or hospital setting. The course is designed for healthcare providers and vocational or college students of healthcare professions. Participants who successfully complete the written and practical exam will receive a card with a 2 year expiration.

CPR: Infant CPR
Parents, grandparents, and siblings over 10 years of age are invited to attend this fun and informative course. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice lifesaving CPR skills.

Look Good, Feel Better
Look Good Feel Better is a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Merit Badge Training: Nuclear Science
Scouts will have the opportunity to visit the Nuclear Medicine Department at Davis Hospital and to speak with a Technologist about this exciting field of science.

Merit Badge Training: Public Health
Scouts will have the opportunity meet with a representative from the Davis County Health Department to learn about the field of Public Health. They will have a guided tour of the Hospital Cafeteria and meet our Lead Chef.

Merit Badge Training: First Aid/CPR
Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in the American Heart Association Family & Friends First Aid and CPR class taught by certified instructors. They will experience an actual Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and use it on a manikin.

Mommy & Me Yoga
This unique class combines yoga and play to get back in shape while strengthening the bond between mother and infant. This class is designed for newborns (6 weeks old) until 12-months-old. No prior experience in yoga needed for Mamas (or babies).

Pre/Postnatal Yoga
Yoga exercises increase flexibility, strength, circulation, and balance. The specific yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques in this class are designed to relieve the physical and emotional discomforts that occur during pregnancy. For a normal pregnancy, exercising helps prepare women for labor and delivery, quickens recovery and strengthens and tones muscles.

SHARE Support Group
This group is designed to assist with the healing and loss that parents experience after the loss of a baby. Parents are welcome to join, no matter what stage of pregnancy their loss occurred in. This group is ongoing and details can be found at www.utahshare.org.

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